New Zealand

Education in New Zealand

New Zealand is striving forward as a place to live and study, with international education becoming more popular. The lifestyle is idyllic, and the education system is on par with some of the best. Its education system includes 8 universities and 16 Institutes fo Technology & Polytechnics. They also boast several world-class private institutions. The study experience in New Zealand is unique and have substantial programs for students from a variety of majors.

The Education System in New Zealand allows for flexibility in the choice of the institution in which you wish to study, including the town or city of your choice. This makes it an ideal study destination.

New Zealand is known to be a peaceful location with all eight universities ranking in the top 3% world university rankings. Its low-cost education and living make it high on the list of the perfect place to study abroad, along with its flexible entry requirements and rolling intakes throughout the year.

New Zealand offers scholarships to over 90 countries. It has fast visa processing, part-time job opportunities, internships, three-year post-study work visas, and the possibility for permanent New Zealand residence, making it an ideal study abroad option.

International Students

 New Zealand is fast becoming the most popular study abroad destination because of it’s many positive options for international students. It has a global reputation for quality education and is a lot cheaper than studying in the USA or the UK. The living situations are of good quality, and employment possibilities at the end of a degree are more promising than other countries. The support services to study in New Zealand are among the worlds best, along with its offer of prestigious scholarships to international students.